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    Pallid Light: The Waking Dead -
    The world ends with the flip of a switch. The thundering storms strike across the world, searing the earth, leaving destruction in their wake. Few will survive. For the folks living in Temperance, Illinois the nightmare is just beginning. When the sky roils in luminous colors, the people of the small town begin to die, and Randall Clay decides to escape. What he didn’t expect was the dead to come back to life or the nightmare that came after that.
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    "[The Strange Cases of Rudolph Pearson] cleverly blends the horrors of the Cthulhu mythos, the atmosphere of hard-boiled fiction and the mysteries of magic and supernatural..."
    -- The Zone

    Autographed copies with Rudolph Pearson color bookmarks (while remaining) are available from:

    ESP Shop Online
  • Dark Wisdom Anthology

    The Anthology of Dark Wisdom: The Best of Dark Fiction -
    Featuring horrifying and fantastical tales from the eponymous magazine, previously unpublished works, and award-winning short stories, this anthology of macabre fiction explores the unseen folds of urban life, other places, and other times. From the monstrous to the psychological, these tales of fearlessly venture into the hidden world of the supernatural, where strange creatures stalk the night and eldritch investigators search for the unknown.
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    William Jones has received Bram Stoker Award nominations, International Horror Guild Award and Origins Award nominations for his works. He is the editor of several anthologies, including The Anthology of Dark Wisdom: The Best of Dark Fiction,Frontier Cthulhu:Ancient Horrors in the New World, High Seas Cthulhu, and the Horrors Beyond Series. His book, The Strange Cases of Rudolph Pearson was selected by Editor Ellen Datlow as a "seminal" work for readers of Lovecraftian horror. He has also written a number of role-playing game supplements, and his writings have been translated into several languages. His most recent novel is Pallid Light: The Waking Dead. He lives in Michigan.
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    Dark Wisdom Anthology: The Best of Dark Fiction
    Featuring horrifying and fantastical tales from the eponymous magazine, previously unpublished works, and award-winning short stories. For more details, visit William's blog.
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Games Trade Magazine and Secrets of Morocco

Game Trade Magazine, 102Pulp Cthulhu: The Truth Behind the Setting” is available in issue 102 of Game Trade Magazine. In this preview article, William reveals some of the secrets of the role-playing game Pulp Cthulhu (also written by William). Learn about the new, monstrous creations available to players, and gain insights into the game.

Secrets of Morocco

Also available now is Secrets of Morocco, published by Chaosium. The RPG supplement is not only expanded, but includes rules for Pulp Cthulhu players, and how to use the new pulp rules in existing Call of Cthulhu campaigns.  The book also contains expanded information about Rabat, Casablanca, and an all new chapter on Marrakech. New rules, NPCs, and a new mini-campaign are part of this updated book.



Interview on Geekerati Radio

BlogTalkRadio LogoListen to William’s live interview on Geekerati, one of the popular  BlogTalkRadio’s stations. “Tune in” this September 8th, at 7:00 p.m. Pacific time. For those who miss the live broadcast, the show will also be available as a podcast on iTunes at a later date. A link can also be found in William’s Podcast section.

Geekerati is an Internet radio station focusing on all aspects of popular culture, including television, movies, video games, novels, roleplaying games, and most everything else related to “geekdom.”  Join the host, Christian Lindke each week for insightful discussions on interesting topics.

For other interviews, visit William’s Blog to learn about the Shroud magazine interview.

Tales Out of Miskatonic University

Coming later this year…

Tales Out of Miskatonic UniversityTales Out of Miskatonic University
Edited by William Jones
Publisher: Mythos Books, Inc
Cover art by Steven Gilberts
Trade Paperback

The infamous Miskatonic University is one of H.P. Lovecraft’s iconic literary creations. Over the years, many authors have added to the mystery of this famous institute. Now the truth is revealed. The secrets hidden behind the university doors come to light in an anthology of strange and horrific tales. Experiments, secret societies, hidden horrors, and other eldritch happenings rest in the pages of Tales Out of Miskatonic University.






Degrees of Fear

Degrees of Fear and OthersDegrees of Fear and Other Stories

On Sale Soon:

Publisher: Dark Regions Press
Price Trade Paperback: $19.95
Other Editions:
Limited Edition Hardcover
Limited Edition Lettered Hardcover

This is a wonderful collection by the author C.J. Henderson. It includes a host of his fiction tales culled from his near infinite storehouse of tales. This volume contains twenty of his best, including eighteen of his classics plus two new stories created exclusively for this edition. In one, he returns to H.P. Lovecraft’s mythos to write the newest tale of Herbert West: Reanimator. And, in the other he previews his latest series character, giving the world their first glimpse of the enigmatic museum curator, Piers Knight.

With eight illustrations by long-time collaborator, artist Ben Fogletto, this is the finest single edition of C.J. Henderson stories ever produced.

The book includes an Introduction written by William Jones, and each story also has a brief introduction by William Jones.

Voodoo Virus

Appearing Late This Summer

Voodoo VirusVoodoo Virus
A Novel of Undeath and Survival
By William Jones
Product #: CHA 6043
ISBN 1-56882-234-0
ISBN 13: 9781568822341
Publisher: Chaosium, Inc
Cover art by Steven Gilberts
Trade Paperback

An Evolutionary War That the Microbes Won

Humanity is dying. The dead are rising. After the virus hit, humans became an endangered species. Within months it spread across the planet, infecting nearly everyone, turning them into the living dead.

With civilization in ruins, small pockets of survivors struggle each day, hoping for a way out, waiting for help. But for one group of people trapped in post-apocalyptic New York City, time is running short and the city is filling with the infected and the undead.

Secrets of Morocco

Eldritch Explorations in the Ancient Kingdom

Coming late this summer:Secrets of Morocco

In the remote reaches of the world are hidden secrets and dangerous mysterious. Learn of the ancient traditions of Morocco, of its war torn cities, and its rebels. Venture through the land as it was in the 1920s and 1930s. This Call of Cthulhu roleplaying sourcebook contains the historical information and the Lovecraftian Mythos details to adventure in one of the world’s most exotic lands. Included are maps, NPCs, new character occupation templates, several mini-adventures, and two adventures that can be combined as a campaign, or readily used with existing campaigns. From the white houses of Casablanca to the dangerous Rift Mountains to the deadly depths of the Sahara desert, all of a land haunted by eldritch horrors will be revealed.

Secrets of Morocco
A Sourcebook for Call of Cthulhu
Product #: CHA 23105
ISBN 156882249-9
Approx 128 pages
Written by William Jones
MSRP $20.95
Cover art by Malcom McClinton

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